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How to Design Healthy Meal Plans


If you would like to know how to design healthy meal plans, you will be surprised to know that it is the simplest thing on earth to do as the only required ingredients are a dash of creativity and some basic healthy foods to simply toss together in many exciting different ways. Basic healthy foods and ingredients which you can make use of in your healthy meal plans design include healthy fats, proteins, whole grain foods as well as fruits and vegetables.

Here are some valuable keywords and guidelines to remember the next time you go shopping, to know what to stock up on and include in your shopping basket to make up healthy meals.

  • Main

Choose your meal’s main protein ingredient carefully by selecting a range of white meats such as chicken, fish and lean red meats.

  • Sweet

Include an assortment of naturally sweet vegetables as it’s highly beneficial to your health and at the same time it will ensure that you do not crave unhealthy sweet products. Sweet vegetables include carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, yarns, squash, onions etc.

  •  Colour

Colour is the key ingredient to healthy meals; the greater the amount of colour in your meal, the better and healthier it is for you as each colour offers different healthy benefits. So ensure to fill up your shopping basket with a wide variety of fresh colourful fruits and vegetables. Not only are fruits and vegetables very tasty it is also extremely beneficial to one’s health especially when one considers the fact that it is packed with loads of good nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fibre, iron, magnesium, Zink, calcium, potassium, vitamins c, e, a and k, etc.  When choosing your fruits and vegetables, opt for the most colourful and deepest colours as those contain the highest concentration of good nutrients.

If you have personal health goals then just opt for a specific range of fruits and vegetables to assist you in your required goals for instance, berries are a good food source to fight cancer, oranges provide vitamin c which promotes healing, pineapples are terrific for weight loss etc.